The Winners 2015

  • A Toddler and the Grand National by Fiona Sherlock

    The cigarette smoke whirled around my little blonde curls. The bookies was dark and noisy as my grandmother led me in, the gold on her wrist as yellow as Spanish Armada treasure...

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  • The Home Straight by Jessica Crandon

    The black horse had stolen what little sleep the bullets hadn’t.

    A fist hammered against the skewed wooden door, and Joe slowly pulled his coat from where it had covered him for the last few hours, and shrugged it onto his thin arms...

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  • Forever a Gambler by Lara Hopkins

    “What was he like as a father?”

    The question snapped me out of my own head, a place I had been in for the duration of the meeting. The meeting for my father’s obituary...

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  • Morning Exercise by Charlie Chamberlayne

    Seven o’clock and the light was just emerging in the sub-zero, snow-covered Newmarket morning. Glistening intently, the snowflakes layered the surroundings a still white...

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  • Golden Gun by Freddie Payne

    The dull grey bark around me was far more attractive than the panelling of my humble house, and the bite of thorns was better than that of cold leather...

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