The Winners 2006

  • Who Claims in a Claimer? by Thomas Reed

    Trevor is always in the bookies. Don’t get me wrong, he has a job and everything, but he always seems to be in there whenever I am. You’ll always find him sitting at the biggest table in the place, with his newspapers spread out like reconnaissance maps in a war room. ..

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  • A Day at the Races in Kolkata by James Milton

    It was race-day in Kolkata *, and the amateur tipsters were everywhere. Even before I’d had breakfast, a man sidled up and invited me to a brothel, next-door to the birthplace of the novelist William Makepeace Thackeray...

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  • Soldiors & Kings by Georgina Hibberd

    "History has known many monarchs. You can look at the timeline of practically any nation, and stumble upon a succession of rulers. Most were memorable, many were illustrious, and all were united as one in terms of duty and role." The teacher paused, having caught sight of a deftly-moving pencil at the back of the room...

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