The Winners 2005

  • Cash Flow by Stefan Djukic

    I was only about eight or so when he first did it. I stood outside the school office peering through the window, judging my moment. I already knew this was not quite the right thing to do. Everyone else just seemed to bring an envelope...

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  • Fell in Love with a Horse by Francesca Bardsley

    I should have known that falling in love would end in heartache. My sister’s series of failed romances told me that becoming emotionally attached to someone would usually end in tears. But I never expected that when my heart was broken, it would be because I fell in love with a horse...

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  • Lost at the Races by Joanna Hubbard

    Two brooding eyes sought refuge in the rainy window. The water droplets clung to the glass, trying in vain to squeeze themselves out of the storm, into the warmth of our car...

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