The Winners 2004

  • Lunar Postings - Dateline January 2nd 2525 by Neil Walsh

    Several centuries ago a musical duo performing under the moniker 'Zager and Evans' issued a ponderous pop recording called 'In The Year 2525'. The track consisted of a series of questions about the future of mankind and whether our race would even exist in the 26th Century...

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  • Little Magic Spells by Andrew Plant

    The pink slips were my drawing paper. They were plentiful, and I liked the colour. I would never use the lined side, as it obscured my pictures of rockets and dragons...

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  • Untitled by Jonathan Monro

    My summers are, for me, just cricket. So imagine my despair when, on camp this summer, I was told that the day's match at the Cheltenham festival had been cancelled...

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  • Anmer, Derby 1913 by Catherine Reeves

    15-year old Catherine Reeves from Edinburgh, a pupil at Fettes School, was highly commended for her article "Anmer, Derby 1913". She received a £25 book token.