The Winners 2001

  • One Man and His Odds by Chris O'Brien

    He stares at the opposition. They shuffle impatiently under the grey Yorkshire sky. He sees among them the usual array of customers; the inexperienced punter relying on the Racing Post selections, the hopeful student looking to boost his finances, and the seasoned race-goer armed only with a race card and a weathered rain coat...

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  • A Turf Education by Jason Devoy

    Growing up in Newmarket was something of a mixed blessing. Wonderful for the fact that I fell in love with horse-racing from an early age and not so wonderful for virtually every other reason imaginable...

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  • Novices with No Vices by Joanna Bott

    Experience with horses? I’ve got plenty of it. I’ve ridden them, competed them, done dressage with them, even bred one (no mean feat I’ll have you know). So you see, we know all about horses in my family. But Racing?...

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