The Winners 2000

  • Dog Days by John Heathcote

    A hairy dog, of dubious parentage, lounges on a cigarette-stained carpet. Over a number of years, she has claimed as her own a small area of floor, situated between a gaming machine and a "nasally challenging" lavatory....

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  • Racing in a Modern World by Camila Tabor

    Why is it that racing is so often slammed for being behind the times? Is it because horses don’t run on batteries, or that jockeys haven’t been genetically engineered to reach the required weight without starving themselves? I don’t think so...

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  • Time to Weigh-In for a Change by Victoria Naylor-Leyland

    The sight of Tony McCoy, racked with exhaustion after his ride on Nordance Prince at Ascot, transformed an exemplary exhibition of race riding into an illustration of racing at its harshest...

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