The Winners 1999

  • Chill Wind of Fortune by Duncan Craig

    "Accept it, the smart man only gambles on something he can research, something where form counts, where a combination of experience and knowledge brings reward. Something like...the lottery."

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  • A Day in the Life of Randwick Racecourse by Ben Sheppard

    Dozens of disembodied lights glide through the darkness of Sydney’s Randwick Racecourse. Different colours and flashing sequences aid identification, like lighthouses at sea, for the men who clutch stopwatches in the brightly-lit central viewing tower...

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  • Endurance Races Start Where Others Stop by Alison McFarland

    As I stand in the middle of a field at around 5 am I wonder, for the millionth time that minute, why my mother hadn’t chosen a normal hobby to pursue like golf, bowls, jogging or something vaguely sane compared to endurance racing...

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