The Awards FAQ

The 2017 Awards are now open and you can enter by clicking here.
Yes, as long as you don’t make an important factual error, e.g. imply that flat races are now started by tapes and jump races by stalls.
No, but it must have at least a background in, and more than a passing reference to, its several and varied aspects.
Fine writing (fact or fiction) on a horseracing theme of a sort suitable for publication in the Racing Post or The Irish Field.
No. This is the exception rather than the rule. Employees of the national and racing press in a journalistic capacity are not eligible.
Yes. This should present an excellent opportunity for them.
This varies between about 100 and 150 - spread in varying proportions between the categories.
Probably 5-8 per category.
Entry is via the website. Click here to enter
Yes. See the feedback press releases in the News section of the website.